The following 2 prayers were passed on to me in the beginning of 2015 by a fellow patient recovering from a spinal cord injury. In hopes that like her, I too will continue to heal, I’ve been manifesting these prayers daily. May it benefit you as it has for me.

The Warrior’s Prayer (by Stuart Wilde)

I am what I am.

In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.

In softness I have strength.

In silence I walk with the gods.

In peace I understand myself and the world.

In conflict I walk away.

In detachment I am free.

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

In dedication I honour the courage within me.

In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.

In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.

In freedom I have power.

In my individuality I express the God-Force within me.

In service I give of what I have become.

I am what I am:

Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

And so be it.

The Abundance Prayer (by Chris Cains)

From the Light of Universe that I Am.

From the Love of Universe that I Am.

From the Power of Universe that I Am.

From the Heart of Universe that I Am.

I Decree –

I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of Universe is my Infinite Source.

The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression.

Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and the Universe works in a myriad of ways to bless me.

I now open my mind to receive my good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen. With the Universe as my Source, Nothing amazes me.

I am not burdened by thoughts of past and future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.

By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actions and my deep rapport with the Universe, my future is created and my abundance made manifest.

I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. My mind is quiet.

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase.

Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. The Universe provides for me in wondrous ways.

I AM indeed grateful. And I let it be so.


Prayers that I grew up with never really resonated deeply. Growing up Catholic, much of the prayers I recited were simply memorized words rolling off  my tongue with little meaning. During the darkest moments of my life, I found myself needing to pray. So, I wrote my own prayers.  Below are two prayers that helped me get through some of the most challenging times of my life….with hope and a smile.

My Daily Prayer During 2012

Dear God…

Dear God mold me

Dear God use me

Dear God guide me so I may live and love so fully as you desire

May I love you as you desire

May I love myself as you love

and may I love others as you do

Dear God guide me so I may live and love so fully as you desire

Dear God use me

Dear God mold me

Dear God…

My Daily Prayer During 2008


Thank you for LIFE

I can experience & enjoy life through all of my senses:

I can SEE – sunrises, moonsets, mountains, skies, colours, lines, smiles, leaves changing colour, buds appearing in the spring

I can HEAR – music, laughter, waves crashing, the sound of different languages. I can listen to people sharing

I can FEEL – the cool breeze on my skin, the heat of the sun, the softness of my blanket, hot showers, a kiss on my shoulder

I can TASTE – different foods from around the world, appreciate wine

I can SMELL – the fresh air of nature, the scent of a loved one, freshly cooked food


I can walk through museums and along the beach, run trails, climb mountains, jump through waves

I can dance, I can sing

I can eat, chew & swallow

I can think and have the ability to learn, cultivate my mind & live consciously

May I never take these blessings for granted – but without them, I would still be happy.


I have the means to make money – but may I never forget what life is about:

Showing my Love to You and others

May I remember to continuously love and better myself – mind, body, & soul – so that I have more to give to others.


THANK YOU for giving me the FREEDOM to LIVE my LIFE as I CHOOSE

You gave me this POWER

And with that I must take RESPONSIBILITY for my life

Every day is an opportunity for me to LOVE EACH MOMENT & LIVE MY LIFE as best as I can


May I never forget that YOU are always with me GUIDING me


This I KNOW I CAN DO – simply because YOU CREATED ME.

Thank YOU

Note: When thinking of abundance, purpose, power, & faith, think of: what does it 1) look like 2) feel like 3) sound like?


3 Responses to Prayers

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi Jaisa, I’ve been reading through your blog and ended up here…with your prayers 🙂 Wanted to share a prayer I heard at a conference believe it or not…another OT injured in an MVA and who spent part of her rehab in a facility run by nuns. She said she always remembered a parting prayer gift she was offered:

    Be still and know that I am God.
    Be still and know that I am.
    Be still and know.
    Be still.

    Have you heard it? This song goes along great with it as well…Hillsong 🙂

    Peace 🙂


  2. Nataki says:

    I love these! Thank you for sharing. xo

  3. prescee baello says:

    Nice one Jaisa Really you are blessed…… this song STILL is one of my favorite christian songs by Hillsong … love listening and singing it

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