Join Trista, Sarah & Me for a Workshop on Pelvic Floor Health: 6:30-830pm on June 12th (for those new to the hypopressive method) & June 19th (for those already doing hypopressives).

trista zinnTRISTA ZINN, founder of Coreset Fitness, is a personal trainer specializing in pelvic floor health & core control. She is also Canada’s first expert level trainer in the Hypopresive Method. Having offered numerous Hypopresive workshops & private sessions, Trista is now providing this special opportunity for you to reconnect with others, review the Hypopressive Method & learn from two other health care professionals who will be providing education integral to pelvic floor health.

The evening will begin with a brief Hypopresive session where Trista will: 1) review key points for proper form & technique and why these aspects are just as important as the breath, & 2) lead you through a seamless Hypopresive class including with various hypopressive postures!

For more info on Trista go to:

sarah maughnSARAH MAUGHAN, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, will then follow Trista with a session on how food can impact the function of the pelvic floor – teaching you: 1) what foods to eat to minimize bloating, 2) types of fibres & which to consume to avoid rectal pressure, 3) tips for improving digestion, & 4) top foods to consume for muscle & tissue repair – All of which are essential for pelvic floor exercises and strengthening. It’s time to empower your body (and pelvic floor) with food!

For more info on Sarah go to:

DSC_0076 - Version 2JAISA SULIT (yes, that’s me) an Occupational Therapist, Lecturer, Poet & Mindfulness Teacher will be ending off the evening with an introduction to Mindfulness, which she defines as “present moment awareness.” Guiding participants through various mindful practices including: 1) mindful eating, 2) a sitting meditation, 3) a body scan, & 4) a loving kindness meditation, Jaisa will demonstrate how mindfulness can provide tools, helping you to not only cope better with pelvic pain & its related stress, anxiety &/or derpession, but also enabling greater overall mind-body health!

For more info on Jaisa go to: page1image20184

WORKSHOP LOCATION: 373A Eglinton Ave (just west of Avenue Rd)

COST: $85.00

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your own yoga or pilates/matt

TO REGISTER: Contact Trista at or 647-230-5424


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