1 Year Reflection

This email below was sent out to friends and family on Aug 28th, 2011 – one year after after the accident.

Today marks 1 year since my accident. Oh how time flies. To celebrate how so much GOOD CAN COME FROM BAD, I wanted to share with you my reflections on what this past year has taught me. Whether you just quickly popped your head through the emergency room curtains or visited me every week, sent me one facebook message or texted me daily, I appreciate the support you gave when I needed it most. I’ve had a lot of low moments…but it is because of these times of weakness that I can say with conviction the following:

We all need BALANCE in our lives. So prioritize, reflect, and adjust regularly. Value and maintain your HEALTH – it really is wealth. Strive to GROW…MIND BODY & SOUL. But remember growth requires CHANGE so be open to it. Actually, embrace it. LOVE. Show COMPASSION. Practice CHARITY and pay it fwd. Share your blessings. Keep PURITY in your heart – forgive. Be at PEACE with all things and practise ACCEPTANCE. Let life  FLOW like water and learn to LET IT GO. Live like YOGA…BREATHE…focusing on yourself – not getting distracted by what others are doing. Live with  MINDFULNESS to every moment…and know your intentions. ENJOY LIFE!!  Its all about ENERGY…so be aware of how those around you affect you (& vice versa). Energy = Vibrations – so RAISE IT UP! Spend time in NATURE – it is a good teacher and healer. Listen to  MUSIC. God loves us so much he gave us FREEDOM of CHOICE…to choose how we live…to love or not to. Your ATTITUDE is your choice. Choose to live with INTEGRITY. Do what you say & say what you do. Be honest with yourself and practise SELF-EXPRESSION often. Know that true JOY comes from knowing God. FAITH is a gift. Embrace PAIN. Suffering is part n parcel of life. Trials and tests are opportunities to learn PERSERVERANCE PATIENCE & HOPE. Only with resistance do you gain  STRENGTH, with which comes  CONFIDENCE and COURAGE. Don’t react but respond with WISDOM and trust yourself. Carry HUMILITY close. Finally, no matter what and how bad life may seem to be, always always find reasons to have GRATITUDE. Life really is a JOURNEY. Along the way there will be mistakes and there will be lessons. When all else fails, remember…to just BE.

3 Responses to 1 Year Reflection

  1. thingsintdot says:

    Go Jaisa Go!

  2. daniel fonacier says:

    Hey whats up j, this is the first time visiting your blog, i enjoyed reading your post. i hope everything is going good for you. this posts kinda reminds me of the talk we had in jamaica on the beach. anyway ill talk to you later. Peace

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